Privacy Policy

All personal information of customers shall be treated as private and confidential, even after they cease to be customers and shall be guided by following principles and policies. MHFSL shall not reveal any information or data relating to customers accounts whether provided by the customer or otherwise, to any one, including other companies, entities in their group, other than in the following exceptional cases.

  • If the information is to be given as per law
  • If there is a duty towards the public to reveal the information
  • If the interests of MHFSL require them to give information – e.g: to prevent a fraud. But, MHFSL shall not use the same for giving information about the customer/customer account to any one else, including other companies in the group or for marketing purposes.
  • If the customers ask MHFSL to reveal information or with the customers’ permission, then only, the information will be revealed.
  • If MHFSL is asked to give reference about the customers, MHFSL will obtain customers written permission, before giving the information.
  • The customer shall be informed the extent of his/her rights under the existing legal frame-work for accessing the personal records that MHFSL maintains about him/her.
  • MHFSL shall not use customers’ personal information for marketing purposes of anyone, including its own marketing staff, unless the customer specifically authorises the MHFSL to do so.

Credit Reference Agencies:-

  • When a customer opens an account, MHFSL shall inform him/her when they may pass his/her account, details to credit reference agencies and the checks MHFSL may make with them.
  • MHFSL may give information to credit reference agencies about the personal debts the customer owes them, if:-
  • In these cases, MHFSL shall intimate the customers in writing that they plan to give information about the debts the customer owes them, to the credit reference agencies. At the same time, MHFSL shall explain to the customers the role of credit reference agencies and the effect the information they provide, can have on customers’ ability to get credit.
  • MHFSL may give credit reference agencies other information about the customer’s account, if the customer has given his/her permission to do so.
  • A copy of the information given to credit reference agencies shall be provided by the HFCs to a customer, if so demanded.